Magic Friend

If the shoe doesn’t fit he still wears it
And pays a high price for what he cannot buy
The key fits the lock, but it doesn’t unlock
Those bonds he seeks to unify

One cut off from many others
Lost in his head where he finds no end
Walking his maze of consciousness alone
As he waits to meet his Magic Friend

Magic Friend
In meeting you I depend
For if you’re lost you’re in good company
Magic Friend
I’m your journey’s end
Because I think you’re a lot like me

But until we meet we’ll never know
As we wander this circuit aimlessly
Filtering through the faces, faceless
Feigning disinterest so cautiously

If I could read your mind, or you, mine
To find from afar our minds were imbued
For a lifetime of commonalities accrued
Then this story would not have to end
With the words, to be continued…

© 2011 J. Marshall

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