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Winter Illusion

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on January 26th, 2011

Out from the icebox outside
into a place where I change
my own climate the way I change
channels on TV. Soon to forget
the things that came before
the things I see before me now.

A rectangular hole in the wall
gives a second story perspective
while its viscous liquid filling
shields me from feeling
the effects of the air
from the other side.

Unclouded sky and un-obscured sun
set the scene of summer fun below,
while fowl which never flew
south seem to conspire with subtle
winds of deception which supplant
a sincere summer skyscape.

In a daydream I exit through exit
doors downstairs to enter my escape
to this space where all things summer
seem to take place. I pack a swim suit
just in case. I sense my body embrace
the heat. And the sun burns my face.

But I exit and awake in the state
of disillusionment. My mind freezes
as the illusion of summer fades fast
outside. And the cold reality
touches my skin.