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What Am I Talking About?

Posted in Parables, Random Thoughts, Thoughts & Contemplations, Uncategorized on January 24th, 2010

Based on some comments I’ve heard in person or have seen posted on sites where I post my ‘parables,’ I am quite surprised by the number who actually take these at face value (i.e. literally). I wish to assure you this is an unintended consequence. As the writer I am pleased if someone finds value in this work at any level. Nevertheless, I assure you the stories have a meaning far beyond the superficial circumstances of which they’re circumscribed. The frivolity of the literal is intended to serve as analogy to the frivolity (from my viewpoint) of the ideology to which it points. If while reading something ‘clicks’ and you know what I am getting at, please comment! I’d love to talk to you. If you are confused, you are also in good company and I’d love to talk to you too. After all, it is only with my own writing that I actually seem to know enough to not take too literally. Others’ metaphors often elude me.

Everybody Needs to Lose 50 Pounds!

Posted in Parables on January 24th, 2010

A health guru was attempting to motivate an audience of his adult followers, saying, “Everyone in this room would experience a superior state of health if he or she would just lose 50 pounds.”

One of his followers objected that he was already below a healthy weight. Without ascertaining the man’s condition, the guru replied, “Certainly you can still lose *some* weight. Yes, everyone in this room would benefit from better health!”

Desiring better health, many of the underweight people embarked upon the guru’s ‘better health’ advice. Some did so enthusiastically, others did so reluctantly. None of them improved their health.

A Neglected Face of Profundity

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on January 8th, 2010

Once upon a time
was one / who under-
stood life’s mysteries
Stood under the lof-
ty over pass / pon-
dered the things above

And spoke his words ab-
stractly / standing be-
tween concrete pillars
His hands armed with a
healing touch / and with
that, the touch of love

Longed to share his soul
in short / with all the
others passing by
Although he spoke ov-
er their heads / they saw
him as one beneath

He gave them all what
they needed / but they
would not receive it
Because in the end
no one believes / a
man who’s missing teeth

Brushing over what
he said / while they were
foaming out their mouths
These so-called seekers
of truth / were blinded
by his missing tooth

And spit at the per-
ception / of the gaps
in his countenance
And flossed over his
words / as if they had
wisdom (teeth) since youth

Overlooking their
checkered lives / squared with
crimson and blackness
Filling their mouths with
silver things / and crown-
ing themselves like kings

Drilling into his
past / they meant to dent
his reputation
Claimed themselves merely
partial / to the fresh-
ness clarity brings

He wished to heal them
but they kept laughing,
aghast / at his smile
Their root of evil
dwelt beneath / their cav-
ity of errors

their forces / to rid
themselves of his talk
No cap to their mad-
ness, they vexed / this
toothless man with terrors

Few words were implant-
ed / the scope of his
vision receded
And under the ov-
erpass / died the man
with the missing tooth

Though rarely extract-
ed / his gleam of in-
sight never decayed
Now a plaque on the
bridge / serves as a re-
tainer for his truth

© 2010  J. Marshall