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You Could Always Make Them Tighter

Posted in Parables on December 6th, 2009

There was a man who worked in assembly who had, on ocassion, neglected to fully tighten all of the bolts on his projects. His supervisor brought this to the man’s attention saying, “For now on, you need to tighten every one of these bolts with all of your might.” So the man did as his supervisor asked.

The following week, the supervisor walked by the man’s work area and said, “Be sure to make those bolts tighter.”

“I tightened them just as you asked,” explained the employee.

“Yes, but you could always make them tighter,” said the supervisor. So the employee set out to make them tighter, even to the point of stripping the bolts. Still the following week, the supervisor said, “Don’t forget to keep working on those bolts. You could always make them tighter.”

So the man continued his efforts to make the bolts tighter still. These efforts lead to bolts being stripped, his projects getting twisted and broken, and the employee sustaining significant hand injuries. The employee decided he should seek his boss’s assistance as his previous advice proved no longer useful. The man took great care in explaining this dilemma to his supervisor. The supervisor, without carefully observing his employee’s words or the nature of his injuries simply replied, “Yes, but you could always make them tighter.”