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Where Is My Storm?

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on September 17th, 2009

I’ve heard the stories
of the ones who’ve made it
How much I’ve tried
to make their lives my own
For in an instant for them
everything changed (for the better)
If that’s a metric for the masses
It explains why I’m alone

Where is that storm?
Where is the
Where in a flash I picture all things new
And the film is removed from my dark room view
And develops into certainty
For the lens I see life through

I’ve tried to walk the steps
of the ones who’ve arrived
But seemed to stumble
before I reached step two
One foot planted in the process
the other in confusion
And from these roots
my frustrations grew

Where is my storm?
Where is my
When I ponder their lot, their lives, a lot
If they weathered the storm for what they got
Or even whether the weather
Had to do with it or not

© 2009 J. Marshall