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The Goo of Goodness

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on March 4th, 2009

Within him was mysterious substance
Given at birth for through his life to share
Yet much to his complacent contentment
Even in isolation it was still there

So he kept all this Goo to himself
Not knowing what he was withholding
Til his emotions turned to molten rock
Leaving this once serene psyche scolding

Unconsciously cooling his melting soul
He began to give away some Goo
But only to get ill goo in return
Til he said, “Screw you. No more Goo for you!”

Sought solace from a few who claimed they knew
But whose aims were still ill-gotten-Goo-gain
Was like the blind squeezing a blind pimple—it hurt
But didn’t burst, just escalated his pain

So what would he do with all of this Goo?
When he knew not where to go to share
And keeping the Goo was clearly taboo
This whole affair just didn’t seem fair

So he searched for the Source of his Goo
And learned the lesson of self-transcendence:
That True Goo is given without expectation
Then passed on to one’s spiritual descendants

So he sought some worthy souls and a cause
In effect, a community built upon Goo
Forever flowing but never running out
Though it happens for few doesn’t make it untrue

But when the Goo of Goodness is withheld
It gives toxic fumes of fermented glory
Turns your inner heaven to some sort of hell
And it’s up to YOU to change the story

© 2009 J. Marshall