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My Own Personal Adversary

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on October 29th, 2007

I remember you

You were like my own personal adversary

Staying close to me like a cell phone

That came with a lifetime contract and automatic renewal

And seemingly unlimited minutes of torment so that not even my weekends were free

You followed me around—from play, to school, to work and back home again

Sometimes you were there even when you were not

You were the same

Only your skin, your soul, and your manifestations of darkness changed from time to time and place to place

But I will kill you…with kindness

And I will feed you on the streets

If you throw eggs at my house I will collect them and make you breakfast (unless you are vegan)

Nevertheless, you will not walk away from me empty

I will radiate love and watch your hatred melt like chocolate on a hot day so it can no longer be within your grasp

I will be to you what I would have had you be to me

And I will do these things lest I become like what you were—and be my own worst enemy

© 2007 J. Marshall