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Messiah Complex

Posted in Lyrics, Poetry at Rest on July 31st, 2006

Founded upon the foundations of fiends
Sustained by scores of sordid schemes
From pillars of promises hang hollow beams
Layers of nightmares beneath a facade of dreams

Something for nothing
And something for everything
Lining every shelf
Promise power for wealth and for health
And virtually everything else
Always something to save you from something
But never something
To save you from yourself…

What is the Messiah Complex?
It’s a complex issue
A store, of sorts, of ‘saviors’
Taking a fee for your ‘rescue’
Full of it—and solutions
Eschewing a foot in your shoes

Money changers changing hands and skin
Sheep and wolves’ clothing wearing thin
Spinning straw and gold into spin
All go in without and out with nothing within

Secrets to success
Stay secrets none-the-less
When broadcast through your screen
Tips and tidbits and bits of bliss
Feeding the mania machine
Superficially disseminated
Through overrated
Multimedia means

Where’s the Messiah Complex?
Just look around you now!
Where sensation surrounds sound discerning
And chokes it out somehow
Milking you for all it’s worth
To be their next cash cow

© July 31,2006 @ 6:45 PM by “Xakk”

Sorry :-)

Posted in Uncategorized on July 27th, 2006

While transferring this site to the new server, I seemed to have lost everyone’s comments.  If you can remember what they were, or have anything new to add, PLEASE DO!  You will need to register again as the old accounts have been lost as well.  I apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to reading your posts!