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Posted in Parables on February 21st, 2006

A man was weeding through his garden and happened upon a somewhat familiar-looking plant, though it was not one he recalled planting himself.  The plant intrigued him and certainly looked harmless enough so he placed it in a pot and brought it inside his home. 

Mistaking the plant for a somewhat similar one, a neighbor told the man that his newly domesticated botanical had excellent nutritional value.  Taking the neighbor at his word, the man named the plant “Nutrition” and started sharing it with his family and friends.  Almost everyone thought the plant tasted great at first, but some couldn’t help to notice it had a distinct bitter aftertaste.  Many had grown weak and even suspected the plant may be poison—perhaps even killing them slowly.

But the man loved his plant Nutrition and was quite proud of his find.  He defended it effusively and would not entertain any words uttered against the plant.  The man would simply reply to his critics saying, “What was so wrong about me getting nutrition?  Why do so many people have a problem with me promoting nutrition?”