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Atheism Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

Posted in News You Won't Find Elsewhere on May 25th, 2004

Tampa, FL—A recent study fuels the ongoing debate for the possible connection between faith and nutrition. Miles Long, one of the three chief researchers of this seven-year study stated, “Scientists have been aware of the link between proper functioning of the frontal lobe regions of the brain and religiousness for decades. This study reveals that chronic systemic niacin shortages are associated with improper functioning of these crucial areas of the brain.”

Will Sherbet, nutritionist and pastor of a local non-denominational church concludes, “This links the simultaneous decline of religious values in America and the vast insurgence of fast food restaurants in this country since the 50’s and 60’s.” But Mr. Sherbet’s statement was challenged by the fact that niacin, a “B” vitamin, is found liberally in foods such as beef and chicken, the staple of many fast-food restaurant chains. Some of his parishoners commented that this specific finding could help explain the large percentage of unbelievers amongst vegetarians, whose diets would be less likely to contain adequate levels of this essential nutrient.

Jim Skipper, Senior Pastor and founder of Parable of Trust Ministries rejects the notion that biology plays any role in religion. “People that aren’t living a life that is pleasing to God are naturally going to neglect the temples that God has given them and not fill them with the proper food—not the other way around.” The Christian Bible alludes to the bodies of believers as temples in which God’s Holy Spirit dwells.

Despite criticism, Long and his team of researchers plan to publish a book on their findings entitled Growing Closer To God Through Nutrition. One biologist on the team, Lenny Dutch, who is also an Evangelical Christian, commented, “We are still in the business of winning souls, but this may sometimes call for winning their bodies and minds first.” Dutch plans to work with his pastor on producing and placing private-labeled bottles of niacin in their book store as part of their outreach ministry. Dutch concludes, “Perhaps after two or three capsules, people will be more receptive to the Gospel.”