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Pumped About Vacation

Posted in Tripp's Trips on February 10th, 2004

Tripp and his wife traveled out of the country for a vacation.  After safely arriving home, they learned that many of their travel companions became ill from the food and had to get their ‘stomachs pumped’ upon their return.  Tripp’s wife immediately made an appointment with her doctor and insisted that she have her ‘stomach pumped’ as well.  The doctor did not understand why she wanted to have this thing done as she received no ill affects from the food.  But not only did she convince the doctor to perform the procedure on her, but insisted that her husband and the other travelers [who did not become ill] also have it done to them—for precautionary measures.  So each year, they continue to travel outside the country for vacation, and each year they get their ‘stomachs pumped’ upon their return.

A Peel For Rain

Posted in Tripp's Trips on February 10th, 2004

One day Tripp went out to his backyard and picked an orange from a tree.  He sat down on his porch, made himself comfortable and began peeling the orange so he could eat it.  No sooner had he finished preparing the orange and the weather outside turned to rain.

Some weeks later, Tripp went outside, picked an orange and attempted the same thing.  Once again, the rains came and he was unable to eat his orange while he was outside.

A few more weeks passed and Tripp’s wife invited some friends and family to the house for a picnic.  Everyone there spoke of the wonderful weather that day, how perfect it was for their gathering, and what a good time they were having.  Then Tripp noticed some of the company picking oranges from the trees, and his nephew was about to eat one!  To this, Tripp exclaimed, “Stop—put those oranges away!  Are you all crazy?  Do you all want to make it rain and ruin everybody’s good time?!”